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    Selling Level 245 acct w/ 189ep

    Not showing up on Line bud. Add FreePrisoner on Line.
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    SOLD  Global 1 account, lvl 280, ~65 bil DPH, 16 divines,2775 jewels, 1580 HP.

    I pretty much listed everything in the title, but the account is a lvl 280 main account. Around 65 bil with no buffs aside from dark lead, SS taken during a guild buff but that is with no Arena buff since I've not done arena in a bit. Over 2k SP on the account, over 2k jewels, almost 1600...
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    Buying ACC lvl 300+, with Divine

    Selling a level 274, I believe I'm at 12-13 Divines atm. Glaaki, Dagon, Liv, Lester, then Holy and Earth are regs. Sitting at about 60 bil. I can get specifics if you're interested. Pal+ is freeprisoner if you are.
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    Selling WTS 3 G1 Accounts, main, secondary, summoner. 12 Divines main, 900 stam.

    Bumpizzle. Summoner and 2nd main are still available. Second main is over 3k jewels currently and approaching 1800 HP. I don't have that phone with me right now but it was 23.4 bil DPH I believe. Can send pics of the account if anyone is interested. Price wise, I'll take offers on both.
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    Selling  WTS 3 G1 Accounts, main, secondary, summoner. 12 Divines main, 900 stam.

    I'm selling my main account(2x main really) and my summoner account. I will include the Ebay links(if allowed? I'll assume it is). Some quick info: Main account has 12 Divines, 900 stam, 2100+ Jewels, 900+ HP. All Div+ team aside from Holy and Earth(Regs). Main account number 2 has 4...
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    Selling G1 Level 171 Fighter

    Spent jewels on HP roulette, now has about 100 jewels but now has an Earth+ Eternal. (Geb). Taken down from Ebay because of the change, still available though.
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    Selling G1 Level 171 Fighter

    Listed on Ebay a few days ago once I found a buyer(from here), he agreed to buy so I threw it up on Ebay for 20 with a Buy It Now of 30 and he hasn't shown since. It's still up and ends this Sunday I believe, if anyone is interested(if looking for a different price, just hit me up on Pal+, I...
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    Selling  G1 Level 171 Fighter

    Hey, I'm selling my alt G1 account that is a lvl 173 Fighter. It is sitting at 2 bil DPH with one Mystic+(Dark). It has 801 jewels currently and I put I believe 1k Jewels into SP(may have been ~700, I can't remember but you can add it up). It's got 144 attack runes currently as well(no shot...
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    Buying  WTB Monster Warlord account. G1.

    Level does not really matter to me, but I would like the army to match the level. The only real things I am looking for is Mystic(s) and up(one divine being a little over the top for the price range I'm paying). A nice chunk of jewels(500+). Honor points are a bonus but not required. The...
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    Buying Egpal buying sto ec / master keys / ships on pc / xbox / ps4 - instant payment

    Hey, I have about 110 mil EC and 3500 ZEN, what is your trade rate? I'm leaving right now but will be back on in about 8 hours. I'll download Skype if that is the only way you prefer to chat but I'd rather use the chat here on Epic if that's doable. Thanks
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    G1 account Lvl 208 - 950 jewels

    About to send PM.