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Recent content by xboysfw2

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    Selling Midgame Global Account (Tam+Iseria combo, F Ceci, D Corvus)

    Will you accept trade. I contacted you on discord
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    SOLD Trading mid tier acc for arVil/baiken

    I sent you friend request on discord please check
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    SOLD [Global] ML Chloe FCeci Luna Early Cheap

    Sent you friend request on discord. Asagi#8970.
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    SOLD Semi Fresh Global account with 5 5★ heroes inc Vivian_Tamarinne_Lilibet_Chloe

    hey bro can i suggest you something. All the 5 stars mentioned aren't limited. Would be better if you edit that
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    Selling Cheap JP SSR Accounts

    pmed you on discord. Asagi#8970 want to know somethings
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    SOLD [US] Early game account with God Kiana w/ wep

    i m interested. contact me on Asagi#8970
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    Selling WTS 35 SSR ( 39 with NP )

    pmed you on discord
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    Selling Sold

    pm you on discord
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    SOLD  Beast NxB Account

    Hey Guys Selling a beast NxB account Day 1 Account Fame 8 33k scrolls 84 Ultimates 10k guild medals 510k ability points Ton of synthesis frogs both for jutsu and ultimates 310k Fortress medals 159k highest shinobi(Gaara) 4 shinobi easy A rank . Can reach 6 with some effort Every sam ultimate and...
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    Trading Mid Game Account

    for trade or sell??
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    SOLD BBS Account 11/14 TYBW Characters 3 Gold Accessories for other game

    Very Gud Trader. Highly recommend Okay so we did the trade and he went first and was pretty cool and understanding throughout the process. I would highly recommend him for any trade/buy/sell. Recommendation from me
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    SOLD BBS Account 11/14 TYBW Characters 3 Gold Accessories for other game

    sup . i have beast fgo with top tier units. Discord : Asagi#8970.
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    Buying Naruto x boruto i am looking fore madara fulll kit

    Hey . I m selling a beast account with both of those characters, Pm me or on discord Asagi#8970