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    Selling Cheap account!

    Oh not saying it's not just the way he went about it was totally wrong and I play NA so am not interested either way, just found it funny and odd seeing almost 4/4 TET armor but then garbage for weapons.
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    SOLD WTS> [NA] - Lvl 60 Wizard - 221ap/278dp

    Gonna pass on this but thanks for trying to keep me updated, 101 CP is very low and is a lot of work to raise in which I was hoping not to have to do. Thank you anyway.
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    Selling Cheap account!

    If I bought this I'd be cancelling that TET Bhegs order and probably just be buying DUO, I mean what is the point of all this good armor when the weapons are trash yet are more important then the armor. Should always gear up by doing Awakening/Sub/Main then working on boss armor, then...
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    Selling NA Berserker 458 GS Family name is Retard 300mil raw silver 100$

    Was going to say the same thing, was interested but then I seen his name etc fully exposed and was like yup you're definitely a retard.
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    SOLD [NA] Selling PEN Dande

    How are you going to sell something in which can only be put on the market and most likely has orders for already, makes no sense.
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    SOLD WTS> [NA] - Lvl 60 Wizard - 221ap/278dp

    If it's still available on Wednesday I'll buy it
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    SOLD  Destiny 2 Forsaken + Annual Pass

    Ending up getting sold through PA
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    Selling Cheap and Fast| Season of Opulence | Solstice of Heroes! Prices down! | -20%🔥

    Went quick with no issues at all Purchased a last wish run and 1500 infamy and all went quick and not a single problem, definitely going to be buying boosting from Traveler a lot more.
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    Selling Destiny 2 Account Not Forgotten (No Forsaken) Overwatch included 219.00 USD

    confused, says buy with trade guardian $219 but you're asking for $399 USD, price is high though for not even having Forsaken nor its content.
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    Selling Friendly support | Crown Of Sorrow | New weapon | Cheap Not Forgotten

    what are the power requirements in order for you to do whisper of the worm and wish ender quests in an order?
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    Selling Selling level 180 Paladins account for $50

    Any chance you can show pictures of your skins you have as well as the mounts
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    Selling Cheap Paladins Crystals and Packs. Trusted!

    Bought another 11500 Crystals and everything went smoothly, he's a nice guy and I recommend him
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    Selling Cheap Paladins Crystals and Packs. Trusted!

    Made another purchase for 8000 crystals and all went smoothly as always :) completely recommend him, he's a nice guy and trustworthy.
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    Selling Cheap Paladins Crystals and Packs. Trusted!

    Purchased 2500 Crystals and Season pass, all went well besides there being a big update to the game but it went smooth and communication was good, definitely vouch for OP.