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    Selling NA EXPLOROR/since launch/24 outfits!! $120!

    Would you be able to provide a screenshot of the gear as you seem to of named just the weapons, also wouldn't mind knowing what costumes they're as just saying they have a costume isn't telling me to much, could be the free serendian costume for all I know.
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    Selling WTS level 60 508 GS Mystic, all classes, multiple 58s/60s

    Someone is trying to use your account to scam people on another site, pretty sad lol. Posted a message in their thread, sadly cant link this thread on that site or I'd of put a link referring them to here instead.
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    Selling [NA] 546gs Dark Knight (Able to change email) 10x T4 pets with best skills

    The dragons were in the shop last month and Tier 1's were not in them as a possible option, I know as I bought some. Also no I have 10 of each maid currently and weight increase is pretty much useless as I can grind long sessions and never have any weight concerns, on any of my characters. As...
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    Selling [NA] 546gs Dark Knight (Able to change email) 10x T4 pets with best skills

    Your basing your accounts price off of convenience items bought with Pearls, which weight is pretty useless if you got enough maids which is actually the better approach as it's account wide and not on 1 character. Most of your Tier 4's were available in a box that randomly gave between Tier 2-4...
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    Selling Cheap account!

    Oh not saying it's not just the way he went about it was totally wrong and I play NA so am not interested either way, just found it funny and odd seeing almost 4/4 TET armor but then garbage for weapons.
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    SOLD WTS> [NA] - Lvl 60 Wizard - 221ap/278dp

    Gonna pass on this but thanks for trying to keep me updated, 101 CP is very low and is a lot of work to raise in which I was hoping not to have to do. Thank you anyway.
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    Selling Cheap account!

    If I bought this I'd be cancelling that TET Bhegs order and probably just be buying DUO, I mean what is the point of all this good armor when the weapons are trash yet are more important then the armor. Should always gear up by doing Awakening/Sub/Main then working on boss armor, then...
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    Selling NA Berserker 458 GS Family name is Retard 300mil raw silver 100$

    Was going to say the same thing, was interested but then I seen his name etc fully exposed and was like yup you're definitely a retard.
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    SOLD [NA] Selling PEN Dande

    How are you going to sell something in which can only be put on the market and most likely has orders for already, makes no sense.
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    SOLD WTS> [NA] - Lvl 60 Wizard - 221ap/278dp

    If it's still available on Wednesday I'll buy it
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    SOLD  Destiny 2 Forsaken + Annual Pass

    Ending up getting sold through PA
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    Selling Cheap and Fast| Any Services | Big price drops! Season of Dawn Ready! | -20%🔥

    Went quick with no issues at all Purchased a last wish run and 1500 infamy and all went quick and not a single problem, definitely going to be buying boosting from Traveler a lot more.
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    Selling Destiny 2 Account Not Forgotten (No Forsaken) Overwatch included 219.00 USD

    confused, says buy with trade guardian $219 but you're asking for $399 USD, price is high though for not even having Forsaken nor its content.
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    Selling Friendly support | Crown Of Sorrow | New weapon | Cheap Not Forgotten

    what are the power requirements in order for you to do whisper of the worm and wish ender quests in an order?