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Recent content by Vexisto

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    SOLD  Jp - semi-fresh unlinked with loli merlin and all ReZero collab - cheap

    Hello guys, I'm selling a semi-fresh jp unlinked account with the following features: - Rank 42 (that high only because I farm a lot the GoldDungeon) - All ReZero Collab units - 510gems spent on ReZero banner so you only need 90 more for the next SSR Choice - Story at episode 24 (I'll keep...
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    SOLD  ASIA - 3.1M box CC, 215k team cc, the1, sariel, ggowther, kyo & more! 50usd

    Hello guys, I'm selling the account below. It is linked to Facebook (deactivated), gplay (deactivated), appleid (deactivated and can be linked to a new one), gmail (dummy that you'll get access to). Some of the notable upgraded ults: - God Eli 3/6 - BEren 6/6 - Red Zeldris 2/6 - Red Derieri 4/6...
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    SOLD [Global] Midgame Unlinked Assault Meli 4/6 the one 2/6🔥

    Easy & fast! Highly recommended! Easy and fast seller! Trustworthy!
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    Global nd game account Lv meli

    I offer 30eur now.
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    Buying  [GL] unlinked with min 4/6 Mikasa.. low price.. so mid/low end game.

    As titled I'm looking for an account with a boosted Mikasa (possibily with UR cosmetics). Idc if the account is not daily logged or if you've left the game months ago. PM here ur offers. MUST BE UNLINKED! If you want to trade because you want to rejoin the game I have an unlinked account with...
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    Selling [Global] [Asia] Reroll Account has 💎 800 - 850 Diamonds Start from 10$

    Easy transaction! Fast & friendly seller! Easy transaction! Fast & friendly seller!
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    SOLD [Global] All Festivals Units+HalloweenGowther+1000Diamonds+ for $100

    Great seller! Recommended! Always fast and trustworthy!
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    SOLD [gl]178k cc with theOne,Sarie,hGowther,bDeri,bValenti,bLillia-cheap

    My discord is written in the post: Vexisto#7986
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    SOLD  jp midgame-167kcc-new merlin 4/6-kyo-hgowther-bderi and more--25usd

    Hello! I'm selling the following unlinked mid-game acc: Price: 25usd (fixed). Payment through PayPal FF or MM (buyer pays the fee). Contact me here or add me on discord (preferred): Vexisto#7986 Bye!
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    SOLD  [gl]178k cc with theOne,Sarie,hGowther,bDeri,bValenti,bLillia-cheap

    Hello guys! I'm selling my account with the following features: Unlinked 178k CC Weekly gems subscription active (4 days left) The One 1/6 Halloween Gowther 2/6 Blue Derieri 3/6 Blue Valenti 2/6 Blue Mono 1/6 Sariel 1/6 Halloween Roxy 1/6 Blue Lillia 1/6 Red Gowther 4/6 Liz 3/6 Nanashi 2/6 Blue...