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Recent content by valleyofthedolls

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    Buying Female/Unisex Legacy Account

    Does the female account have a witchy sounding name? Or can I at least get the account's first name.
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    Buying  Female/Unisex Legacy Account

    Searching for a female or unisex Legacy account. I am want something witchy sounding, but not too fantasy, if that makes sense (like Esmeralda or Anastasia, or whatever). I'd essentially love an account with the first name Rhiannon Sara, Belladonna, or something Stevie Nicks-ish. Or with the...
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    Selling Selling old Second Life Legacy accounts

    After looking over the list provided, any with the surname Quartz?
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    Was Purchasing Origin/Sims 4 Acct; Discord Scammer - Kaleboa#1481

    Screenshots from the discord conversation. I didn't bother to blur out the Steam Keys I gave them since they are already redeemed by this person.
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    Was Purchasing Origin/Sims 4 Acct; Discord Scammer - Kaleboa#1481

    I posted a thread for buying a Sims 4/Origin account, which contained my Discord as contact info. I was messaged by someone on the account named Kaleboa#1481 in which they said they had an account for sale, with a bunch of expansions and such. They provided one screen shot of the games on the...
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    Buying ISO Female Account (Legacy name only)

    Will also consider accounts with the last name Quartz. I'd love the celebrity accounts Rose or Smokey Quartz, willing to pay a bit more for celebrity names.
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    Buying  ISO Female Account (Legacy name only)

    I am looking for a female account with a legacy last name, preferably with the first name Rhiannon, last name could be any. I will also look at other witchy type named legacy accounts. (Could be a unisex or female name, but I would like Rhiannon over any other name.) Inventory is not required...
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    SOLD Legacy Account; Female based but could be unisex; 9 years old

    A few inventory photos (not everything, obviously). I can take more for specific items if interested.