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Recent content by thenoobguy

  1. SOLD  Legacy Meg 1 Account with 1500 hours and some cosmetics

    Hello, today I sell a nice legacy 1 Meg Account with 1500 hours. The account has special event cosmetics and items. Some actual red prestige frames on survivor with prestige level 9. Price: 222.22 USD + MM Fee (PayPal Family and Friends) Discord pyo#0001
  2. SOLD Legit legacy account Claudette 3 Meg 2 Dwight,Jake,Nea,Trapper,Billy 1

    So long the account is still there of course you can buy it. But when someone comes now and offers instantly the price I will sell it, to keep an account for is sadly what make it more worthless and I had already someone who said he will buy it and I kept it for him and he never bought it.
  3. SOLD  Legit legacy account Claudette 3 Meg 2 Dwight,Jake,Nea,Trapper,Billy 1

    Hello, I sell today a support checked legit steam account with follow legacy items: Claudette 3 Meg 2 Dwight, Jake, Nea 1 Trapper, Billy 1 It has some nice cosmetics like actual event masks and a lot of Cakes. ;) The steam account is level 20 has no bans or vacs. Price: 1200 USD Payment...
  4. Buying Looking for Legacy 3 account

    Legacy 3 Claudette L2 Meg L1 Dwight Jake Nea Trapper Bill
  5. SOLD  Account Level 160 with Bangalore and Rampart HL 80 Leg and perma trail S2

    Hello, selling account with Rampart and Bangalore Heirloom. ~ 80 Legs KD: 0.7 S2 Perma Diamond Trail