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  1. Spellslinger

    Selling My Pokemon Go Account LvL 40, 25m Total XP, 927 Pokemons, 66 Shinies

    I don't do middle man service, you should try and reclaim your account, that's an imposter, my discord is clearly in my signature.
  2. Spellslinger

    Another imposter negative feedback...

    This guy was scammed by an imposter: kohan121 And he left me a negative feedback. Please remove the negative feedback as I never traded with this guy. Thanks
  3. Spellslinger

    Buyer scammed by an imposter and left negative feedback

    https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/lvl-13-6k-trophies-11-maxed-cards-1300-gems-hog-2-6-elixir-deck-60.1634075/#post-6856845 There was no sale between me and the buyer. As you can see, the buyer admitted in the thread I linked that it was indeed an imposter. Can I have the negative feedback...
  4. Spellslinger

    Selling CHEAP 16 Year old account -Has 10 year coin & 5 Year coin - Original email

    Account available. It does come with original email, free version of CSGO.
  5. Spellslinger

    Imposter scamming customers - Customers leaving me negative feedback

    Hi, Can I please have an admin remove the 2 negative feedback that I received yesterday. It seems like an Impostor used my name to do a middleman transaction between 2 people and scammed both of them...
  6. Spellslinger

    lvl 13 / 6k trophies / 11 maxed cards / +1300 gems / Hog 2.6 Elixir Deck / 60$

    That's not my discord, my discord is not spellslinger, my discord is Super. You got scammed by an imposter, nothing I can do about that, my discord is clearly in my signature and it's called Super.
  7. Spellslinger

    Selling CHEAP 16 Year Old Account|10 Year coin |Original email |1000+ Feedback

    No that's not my discord, my discord is in the post.
  8. Spellslinger

    Gold 4 Smurf account - 75%+ win rate platinum mmr(+32 points per win)

    Account is: GOLD 4 95 POINTS 19W-5L Honor 2 Account NEVER BANNED Hand leveled I give ACCOUNT name, ACCOUNT password, email and email password. Account is perfect for smurfing , it has platinum MMR , getting +32 points per win as you can see on the screen. It has 21 champions. Price: 30 EUROS...