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Recent content by sonicfb

  1. sonicfb

    SOLD Duo Spain Fresh Account 10$

    contact me on discord for transaction
  2. sonicfb

    SOLD  Duo Spain Fresh Account 10$

    Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Account Global Server Starter Fresh Account with duo Spain Day 2 Account, Story and Raid Fresh 180+ DB with Beginner Login available 3rd Anniversary Ticket still available Haven't done any Japan Step-up very good starter if you want to play from beginning πŸ”₯ PRICE ...
  3. sonicfb

    Selling  [ASIA] Cinderella Break/Snow Crush 60k CP + Lyndwyrm

    SinOAlice Global Asia Server Selling Cinderella Breaker with Snow White Crusher It also has Gretel Minstrell and SR Nightmare Power 63K+ πŸ”₯ PRICE : Cheap 10 USD πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ Login : Unlinked / Code Transfer πŸ”₯ PAYMENT METHODS : PayPal (Goods / Items / Services Option) <Fee 5% + 0.30 USD> PayPal...
  4. sonicfb

    Selling  CTDT Global Farming Service

    Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Global Farming Service Busy with work? Lazy to play? or going to overseas holiday? but don't want your account left behind? Here I'm offering farming service for CTDT Global account such as : - Clearing All Story Mode - Farming Event Medal - Daily Care Account (clear...
  5. sonicfb

    SOLD Genzo 00.1 Club Account

    updated, check the pics
  6. sonicfb

    SOLD  Genzo 00.1 Club Account

    Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Account Global Server Selling Genzo 001 Account with Club Player as main PvP Genzo S99 and other player mostly on S50-A70 Got around 400+ SSR Blackball total ready to use Story mode farmed, Raid mostly farmed, no DB atm Clean Account, no red or yellow card πŸ”₯ PRICE...
  7. sonicfb

    SOLD  SEA Holyland Midgame 4 SSR Unlinked

    Goddess of Genesis SEA Server Holyland 4 SSR Midgame Account Level 20 Act 8 Unlinked Account (will bind to your email) ⭐ Unlinked Account ⭐ ⭐ Server : Holyland ⭐ πŸ”₯ PRICE : 10 USD πŸ”₯ PAYMENT METHODS : PayPal (Goods / Items / Services Option) <Fee 5% + 0.30 USD> PayPal Friends and Family No...
  8. sonicfb

    SOLD [SEA] S2 Langrisser Top 256 S1 Apex 31 SSR

    10th June Updated Got Lambda, Gizarof, Clarett and Yulia
  9. sonicfb

    SOLD Mid-End MLB Orlandeau

    account still available, if interested just add me on discord
  10. sonicfb

    SOLD  Mid-End MLB Orlandeau

    Selling War of the Vision : Brave Exvius Account Noteable Characters : LB5 Awaken6 Orlandu LB3 Awaken6 Mediena LB5 Awaken6 Y'shtola LB5 Awaken6 Mont All Story Clear Got Perfect Assault Nagrarok+5 Also got Assault Golden Blade+4 Lot of Resources for evolving unit and many more ⭐ Account...
  11. sonicfb

    Selling  [Global] FFBE : War of the Visions Cheap Orlandeau Starter Account

    Selling War of the Vision : Brave Exvius Account Unlinked Account (Can Link to your Gmail/Facebook Account Or given the pinfo data via Email (only if you know how to use it) Story 1-1 Can Change Nickname (In-Game Name) Account with more than 8k-12k+ Visiore Account 1 : Orlandeau + Mediena +...
  12. sonicfb

    SOLD  Mid Game Account Orlandeau Unlinked

    Selling War of the Vision : Brave Exvius Account Notable Characters : LB3 Awaken5 Orlandu LB2 Awaken5 Mediena LB1 Awaken4 Sterne LB6 Awaken6 Y'shtola LB6 Awaken2 Gafgarion LB5 Awaken4 Mont All Story Clear, Event Story Still farmable Visiore from Clear Reward It has potential to Max Limit...
  13. sonicfb

    Selling  Global DQS Fresh Starter Account 5* Equipment

    Selling Dragon Quest of the Stars Global Fresh Starter Account All Account Only used Tutorial Pull and 3000 Gems All Account are unbinded / unlinked, and will be linked to your Square Enix Account, you can register here http://www.square-enix.com/na/account/ If you want another account or...
  14. sonicfb

    SOLD [SEA] S2 Langrisser Top 256 S1 Apex 31 SSR

    19th Feb Updated Got Elwin and Sigma