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Recent content by Shaderly

  1. For Sale: 2 Tram Houses

    For Sale: SOLD 17x18 Tram Marble Island House (Max Lockdowns) "Haus of Dreams" 4 Million Also coming available: Tram Yew Gate House "Yew Gate Outpost" (Excellent Vendor Shop!!!) ICQ 159628
  2. Tram Vesper Keep 1 Step out of Guard Zone for Sale

    <font color="red"> SOLD </font>
  3. Tram Vesper Keep 1 Step out of Guard Zone for Sale

    Taking Offers on Tram Vesper Keep - 1 step outside of gaurd zone. Please pm or icq (159628) me if you need a gate. The UO MAp cords are: 52o 54N 99o 37E This is a great spot and I love it! I am just having problems finding the time to keep up with everything on 2 different shards.
  4. Beautiful Customized Luna House For Sale!

    Max Lockdowns 15x15, comes as is. Wonderful area to live in, just run a couple screens to the W Gate in Luna and your in town! 5 Million - please icq.
  5. Buying Castle and/or House Inside of Luna Walls

    Cash or Gold, please icq or PM me.
  6. Embers and Stormgrips

    Ok, I have my stormgrips, now I just need leggins of embers pls.
  7. Embers and Stormgrips

    ICQ me your price
  8. We are back from vacation and we have Houses to Sell!

    Makoto-Jima Customized Home 1265 Storage Makoto-Jima Customized Home 1265 Storage (can go larger adding more lockdowns) Luna 11x16 Plot 1553 Max Storage Umbra 13x15 Plot 1576 Max Storage You can view more information on these houses at Houses For Sale Please icq if you...
  9. Houses For Sale

    18x18 W of Luna has been Sold Thank you
  10. Awesome House Spot ONLY 300k!!!

    This was my daughters house for about 3 years or more now. Its located inside the cave near Minoc. There are only 2 inside there. I hate to see it fall, its such a neat location and Im honestly not sure it could be replaced inside there. Its already customized and has 667 storage, perfect for...