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  1. SaltnVinegar

    Overwatch Account Scammer - Herv

    Banned h9rvin [email protected] [email protected] @ExtraChewingGums Please dispute your payment as soon as possible. Feel free to link this thread in your dispute for the PayPal customer support to see. Let me know how your dispute goes whether you win or lose it. Goodluck.
  2. SaltnVinegar

    Overwatch Account Scammer - Herv

    @h9rvin You were online and also didn't bother responding to this. Your requests to delete your posts have been denied in full and will be restored for google indexing. Do you have anything to say before we ban you?
  3. SaltnVinegar

    SOLD iOS[Selling NA/Global Account] Ren Amamiya |Joker| CoA 3 skins, and more!

    @tomiechan @Renjoker Take it to private.
  4. SaltnVinegar

    Forum Gold + Accounts

    How are you connecting the 2? Please PM with proof.
  5. SaltnVinegar

    Buying  [SuperMod] Buying deck help and a little coaching. Sick of suckin'

    Hello, I'm willing to pay for some of your time to help make my deck better and give tips on what to mulligan for against certain archetypes. I'm sick of sucking ass been stuck at Diamond 5. My deck must suck but I'm not willing to change archetype. I only recently got back into HS since a...
  6. SaltnVinegar

    Selling Selling OG account

    Need more info before you post a sales thread. Closing this. Feel free to open another with more info.
  7. SaltnVinegar

    Probably scammer's multiple account

    Hey Kamain! Hope you're doing well. I handled your report and banned him. I also added his new email to the original scammers list. Good find and thank you for the report. Moving to banned scammers.
  8. SaltnVinegar

    Remove feedback

    Reopened on request @onetimekid
  9. SaltnVinegar

    Dispute vs Outlander20

    [Hidden content] > Huehue gives account info > 7 minutes elpases: (we assume info was correct because..) Outlander gives account info > 1 minute elpases: HueHue claims info does not work What we know as a fact is that Outlander has Hue's account. @Outlander20 Please give back the account to...
  10. SaltnVinegar

    Selling ⭐ New world alpha key - Steam - Instant Delivery - MMOPlaystore.com ⭐

    If you're going to carry a conversation not in English, do it in private. Deleting all these non English comments now.
  11. SaltnVinegar

    Selling Low level main w/ zulrah pet + both mutas

    ^ Can vouch for this person. Someone I know on a very personal level. :love:
  12. SaltnVinegar

    PP Chargeback scammer

    Banned. Sorry for any losses, mate. eeezy0 [email protected] minhvu [email protected] @Yuuki17 [email protected]
  13. SaltnVinegar

    Lowermeat trade/scam

    Online and failed to reply. Ban-hammered. Sorry for your loss boys, do your best to recover the money you sent by opening PayPal disputes. Lowermeat [email protected] [email protected] uppermeat#3485
  14. SaltnVinegar

    PP Chargeback scammer

    24 hours til ban
  15. SaltnVinegar

    SOLD 32 Legs, 2.9m power. Cb6 unkillable! Rotos/Venus/Tormin/Bek/Fu-shan +Many More

    It's a legit concern. Why do you have so many different discords? Why do you change them so often?