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Recent content by OGRaiku94

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    Selling  Selling beast Global account, Hit me up :) .

    Hello everyone, I am selling my bleach account... I have not played it in forever so I'm selling it. It also comes with the most popular character and most Op, Mugetsu. if you want more info feel free to message me. I have sold accounts before and I will not scam you guys do not worry...
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    Selling jp account

    Still for sale
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    [GLOBAL/JP] - verified/trusted cheap spirit orbs (android/ios)

    best orb seller out there! Highly recommend pinots he really is legit & will definitely buy more orbs :)
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    Selling  jp account

    I'm selling my jp account since I don't play it anymore so if anyone is interested pm me on kik or skype kik is BaconDaddy Skype is cpt.ben69 http://res.cloudinary.com/mmobay-llc/image/upload/v1473813280/commpydsrphas6p09qee.jpg...
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    Trading  Account for sale or to trade

    I have a good account and I'm willing to trade so if anyone has a 6star gin and senbonzakura included in the account I would like to trade pm me if Intrested http://res.cloudinary.com/mmobay-llc/image/upload/v1473457009/xyx1swv1zghqejteefvv.jpg...
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    Buying Want to buy best bleach account i can

    Hey bro you still looking for an account?
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    Buying BleachBS looking for a that perfect account!

    Hi guys I'm selling a really good account pm me if interested
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    Selling Acc & Farming (Senkaimon,Potions IZ,Droplet,Brushes ExCoop) 4 years Trusted

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    Selling Selling my global account

    SOLD sorry bro i have a jp account with mugetsu aizen and bunch of other 5 stars but it's pretty expensive
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    Selling Selling my global account

    Yeah bro u have skype or kik? Pm for more info
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    Selling -ready to summon- mugetsu barragan h. Aizen perfectly fresh with orbs - safe

    Tora do you have any other type of social app because I can't receive ur messages I get notifications from my email but I don't see a convo in the inbox :(
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    [GLOBAL/JP] - verified/trusted cheap spirit orbs (android/ios)

    Hello pinots I'm interested in buying some orbs from you :)
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    Selling  Selling my global account

    Hello everyone I am selling my brave souls account and I will link some screenshots of the characters available. But It comes with VL ichigo, SE ulquiorra, zampktou shirayuki soi fon 6 star not completed but half way there and others I will show the rest...
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    Selling WTS SE UQ / Grimjow / red kenny / stark + many more 17 5star total

    That's strange I sent u a request a few min ago try adding me cpt.ben69