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Recent content by mobagenius

  1. mobagenius

    Selling  EU | Immortal-1 100% winrate account | 80$

    Hello! I am selling my own EU valorant smurf It has: Voice chat available Immortal 1 rank 100% winrate @ ranked Omen and Reyna unlocked No skins whatsoever Screenshots: screen Price: 80$ As you purchase you receive account details + original mail. Discord: xenon#9009
  2. mobagenius

    Selling  DPS Top 500 smurf | 3 gold guns + 6400 comp points

    Hello! i am selling my own OW smurf Level: 195 Comp. points : 6363 Gold guns: 3 (zen, tracer, genji) Role Queue SR season 23: 4288 (current and peak, 100% top500 finish at the of the season) Others comp. season results: link Free name change: not available Price: 120$ (can negotiate) Discord...
  3. mobagenius

    Selling  EU | Immortal-1 | Nickname change available

    Hello! I am selling my OWN Valorant smurf (with original email) 16 LVL BattlePass (not purchased) No skins Immortal-1 rank 75% comp. winrate Breach Omen unlocked Voice Enabled Nickname change available Price: 80$ For more info and purchase please visit our site CLICK If you have any...
  4. mobagenius

    Immortal-1 EU Acc

  5. mobagenius

    Selling  Mobagenius boosting service | Fast response and delivery | VPN | Cheap!

    Hello! I am xenon and im offering you my OWN Valorant boosting service. EU ONLY Why me? No third parties. All orders are gonna be done by me. Cheaper price, better quality. Safety. I'm using VPN, connecting to your country to decreace any chance to get banned. Your personal info will be safe...
  6. mobagenius

    SOLD  GM Fresh acc | 4200 peak/current DPS | 80$

    Selling my OWN OW account. Free name change Level 46 21 lootboxes 21 comp. season: 4207 current / 4207 peak (career) DPS Price: 80$ Contact me for any questions: xenon#9009 SCREEN:
  7. mobagenius

    Selling  EU Valorant Beta Access | 49$ | Fast delivery

    Selling 2 EU Valorant beta access for 49$. Hit me up on discord : xenon#9009
  8. mobagenius

    SOLD Ranger7x Shop | 100% Trusted | LAST EU 45$!

    good seller! got valorant access in 5 mins good guy
  9. mobagenius

    Selling  2 GM/Master accs (1 with widow noire)

    Hello! I'm selling my own 2 OW accounts. Please, if you will have any questions feel free to DM me on discord: xenon#9009 1st acc Level: 886 Golden guns: Ana, Genji, McCree, Reaper, Sombra, Tracer (6 Total) Comp. Points: 7681 (+ 2 gold guns) Credits: 7285 Peak SR: 69 season1, 3992 season 4. Has...
  10. mobagenius

    Selling Any Rank to D4 package S4 | 20% OFF | Fast responce and delivery

    SALE! First 10 orders of season 4 Apex Legends get 20% off for every order! Hurry up to get the best price/quality services!
  11. mobagenius

    Selling high end acc with 13000 kills acc for 110$

    bump added acc #8 with kunai's!
  12. mobagenius

    Selling high end acc with 13000 kills acc for 110$

    added really fat acc (#7) adjusted price for other accs pm for any questions
  13. mobagenius

    Selling high end acc with 13000 kills acc for 110$

    added account #6 + wraith kunai acc #7 will be added in the next week
  14. mobagenius

    Selling high end acc with 13000 kills acc for 110$

    adding my 5th account with kunai, hit me up if still intrested!