5.00 star(s)
Who am I? The guy farms dozens of gold and mails it to your account in the shape you want.
Basically selling Guild Wars 2 stuff for over 5 years in my country. Wanted to open international business.
Doing Achievements, Raids, Fractals, Strikes, WvW, PvP. Absolutely casual player. +20.000 Hours playtime.
Sold nearly 150k gold on EpicNPC in 9 months. Sold over 550k gold in 5 years.
How do I get my stock? I'm farming it.
Anything you need.
Anything you can't craft.
Anything you don't want to craft.
I don't contact you anywhere else than
Stock? I always have it. Delivery time? Depends on order.
Want something? Just send me a PM on here.
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Telegram: Metesansan
Discord: Metesansan#5830 (UID: 445988413787734017)
(Write me your EpicNPC name while you are contacting me on Telegram, and please send me a PM on EpicNPC while you are contacting me to Telegram for prevent miscontacts.)

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