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Recent content by Megazero

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    Selling WoT NA, 1000+ Wn8, 8k gold, small Clan Leader, 4 Tier X, 6 Tier IX

    Do you have pictures of your whole tanks collection?
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    Buying  Looking for account with Persona 5

    As title said. I would prefer the game by itself or with just a few other games if possible.
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    Selling  [Global] Stove account 140k CP Destina Sez Cidd and more nat 5*

    Nat 5* units: Sez Destina Violet Yuna Karyon Kise Tenebria Vildred Cecilia Zeno 5* Artifact: Song of Stars Time Matter Abyssal Crown Celestine Rod of Amrylis Violet Tailsman Notable units: Armin Cidd Surin Commander Lorina Angelica Falconer Kluri Dominiel Clarissa Bask Achates Rose Lots Maya...
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    SOLD  Danmachi account with 6 SSR Adv

    Selling my account lv 70 with 6 SSR Adv: Ais (Sparkle Princess) lv 64 limitbreak+2 Ottarl (King) lv 60 Riveria (Royal Elf) lv 60 Lefiya (Elven Awakening) lv 68 limitbreak+3 with 1 bond unused Hitachi Chigusa (Secret Onsen) lv 40 Ryu Lion (Gale) lv 40 Support: 4 SSR: Hestia (Parttime Goddess) 1...
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    Change country

    Hi, I was living in Thailand when I created this account, but I have moved to Canada for about a year now, and I want to change the country under my username, how do I do that?
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    Buying  NA account with Yamato

    Looking to buy a NA account with the Yamato, I dont really need anything else and will prefer the account to be as cheap as possible :P
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    Selling Complete WoT service by Ace, EU/NA

    Just got my service grinding from a tier 3 to 7 SPG done, deliver on time and maintain good contact throughout the whole process.
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    Trading  Trade SEA account for NA account (2 Tier X, Lowe)

    I just move from SEA to NA, so I wish to trade my account with a similar-ish account in NA to play with better ping. 6k1 Rating, 50.77% WR, 2mil Silver, 671 gold, 6k free exp Tier X: IS7, Obj 268 Tier VIII: Lowe (Premium, good credit maker), ISU 152, IS3, M40/M43, AMX 50 100 Tier VI: AMX 12t...
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    Selling Gold mystel seren yurian

    Just finished my 1st transaction, everything was good XD