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Recent content by M4YChris

  1. M4YChris

    EoC warrior SP 376 144M BR VIP 10

    This game doesn't get played for more than 1 month tops....I'll do 75 or maybe 100 lemme know.
  2. M4YChris

    Selling Selling Warrior, server SET 648, lvl 311 zenith, power 82286 BR

    Never Mind, Kinda done with this game now ehh
  3. M4YChris

    Selling Mage, LVL. 284, 57m BR

    Server? And how Much?
  4. M4YChris

    not available anymore.

    I'll buy it Discord: -KJ#3431
  5. M4YChris

    [ TWITCH ] HQ Twitch Affiliate Accounts for Sale!

    Rep +++ Very Fast, Trust Worthy, Account was Clean and as promised!
  6. M4YChris

    Selling VIP 9 Archer

  7. M4YChris

    Selling VIP 9 Archer

    If no one buys I got 100 on it
  8. M4YChris

    SOLD Cheap 22 million BR (Archer Class) America

    I am interested in buy right now. Message me on skype @M4YChris
  9. M4YChris

    Trading ★ MMOPlayStore.com - Buy Sell Trading - Alpha & Beta - Instant delivery ★

    Will you have AVA alpha keys? For PlayAva?
  10. M4YChris

    SOLD Major Account W/ Skins and Knives

    Let me know I still got it.
  11. M4YChris

    SOLD Major Account W/ Skins and Knives

    PRICE is now $75, DO NOT message me with another offer. Already sold 4 accounts. Learn to trade, you will be going first if you do not have a middle man.
  12. M4YChris

    SOLD  Major Account W/ Skins and Knives

    Hey guys I'm selling my major with some rare skins only available to random boxes or BS coins through random boxes. As trading will soon be implemented in the game you can sell or trade the knives I have obtained over the months. Price is $75Negotiations are available to an extent! Name...
  13. M4YChris

    Buying  Looking For A Good Account!

    As tittle says I'm looking for a good account just post below what you have and we can go from there.