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Recent content by KuroBiRyuu

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    Selling  GL End Game - Good Gears $300 OBO

    Payment: paypal fnf For more info: Discord: ShindaiAbare#5954
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    SOLD  Global End Game - 8 ML5* - All Limited Units. $300 OBO

    Server: Global Name: English letters for a Korean phrase, doesnt look bad, not jibberish or has number. Login: Stove/ Come with Gmail. Level: 67 Abyss: 100 (Not Clear, got the units to do, havent got time.) Arena: Challenger IV Raid: Auto Nornal/ Able to clear all bosses Hell. Tower: Auto Hunts...
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    SOLD global endgame 8 ML arby flidica fcc biseria etc 283 cerise

    Great Seller!!! πŸ’― recommended! Very friendly and easy to work with~
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    SOLD  Global End Game 7 ML5* + Most Limited (-Landy) Many 6* and good gears $150 OBO

    Name: Good Name: Half Korean Half English Facebook Linked/Gmail Login (Throaway email) Rank: 65 Abyss: 100 Arena: Can reach Challenger V to II (But the account has been inactive for a while). Raid: Auto Normal, Auto some bosses in Hell as well. Tower: Auto Hunt: Can Auto Wyv/Gol/Ban 13 (Can...
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    SOLD  EU End Game Account 10 ML5* almost 11 + Full Limited(s) $350 OBO

    Name: Good Name from an Anime. Gmail Linked/Login (Throaway email) Rank: 65 Abyss: 103 Arena: Challenger V to II (Can reach Champ, but too busy to try) Raid: Auto Normal, Auto some bosses in Hell as well. Tower: Auto Hunt: Can Auto Wyv/Gol/Ban 13 (Can tweak a bit to auto Azi) C/O: $325 B/O: Not...
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    SOLD Selling And Game Sever Eu 9 ML 5⭐ Arby+Rviolet+ 66 choice 5* from mystic

    Great Seller~ Two thumbs up!! Would give more if I could :D 100% recommended!!!!
  7. K

    Negative Feedback Dispute

    Why is it "neutral"? Please explain... I was not the person that trying to scam the other users... I was not even the person he talked to... I had nothing to do with this... o_O Shouldn't admin remove the negative entirely? Thanks,
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    Negative Feedback Dispute

    Admin, my -1 feedback is still there. Check please.
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    Negative Feedback Dispute

    Will you please remove the negative feedback?
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    Negative Feedback Dispute

    Someone posted as me, "KuroBiRyuu" has been going around trying to buy/scam sellers. However, this seller did not verify and did not contact me before leaving me a negative feedback... Please check and remove negative feedback, please. https://www.epicnpc.com/feedback/feedback/428722/view...
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    Global! Ifrit + ingway, 1K πŸ’Ž, big stater pack on +600πŸ’Ž

    Hello? I have never tried to buy anything from you... Please verify before saying some outrageous comments...
  12. K

    SOLD GLB End Game - 57x 6* + 7 ML 5* + All limited units- $365

    Recalled Carrot + Exchanged C.Zerato > C. Dom (6*) Another 6* ready.