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Beware of Discord impersonators! You can make sure that you are dealing with me by PM'ing here (click here) in EpicNPC.
My Discord is only one: Mozaic#5481 - WITHOUT NITRO! Nitro = impersonator (unless I get one, but unlikely).
Always check the Discord ID ( 430191794043486209 is mine, for Mozaic#5481 with a capital M). Created in 2018-04-02 02:28:36
You can check for it at https://discord.id (the long string of numbers). It won't work for Discord Tag.
Check over at https://wiki.discord.id if you want to know how to get the unique ID (it involves Developer Mode).

Games I currently deal with:
-Honkai Impact 3

Games I dealt with in the past:
-World Flipper
-Goddess of Genesis
-Last Cloudia
-Onigiri Online (PC - Not steam)

IF anyone else tells you I'm buying/selling for a game I don't cover above, chat/PM me here to confirm it.
Especially Bleach, I don't like the series to even bother. Lol

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