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Recent content by GRANITE-ARMORY

  1. negative feedback change request:

    https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/scammer.2004694/page-2 Hello, I would like to request for a delete last negative feedback or at least change to neutral, since the stollen item has been sent back to owner and scam attempt using my PC failed. My PC has been hacked by a visitor of my house when I...
  2. SQLIBLACK There was no trade | Fake -1 feedback

    Please remove this fake feedback ASAP. Greetings, Dariusz G-A
  3. fake feedback: there was no trade

    Waiting for removal fake feedback. Greetings, Dariusz G-A
  4. fake feedback: there was no trade

    please remove it as soon as possible
  5. fake feedback: there was no trade

    https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/lf-wow-classic-powerleveler-goldfarmer-pvp-booster.1192362/ (last 1 star feedback case )
  6. False negative feedback left by granite armory

    Hello, I'm sorry but Mezzcal told he wanted to delete false feedback or change to possitive. Feedback has been made by me accidentally too. My quite option about this case is to close it and delete our feedbacks as well as Mezzcal and GRANITE-ARMORY (neutral left) (...) Sincerely, Dariusz G-A
  7. imposter / frauder / scammer (victim?) fake feedback:

    There was no trade between us. Fake feedback URL: https://www.epicnpc.com/feedback/feedback/523369/view
  8. Selling *~ WoW: Classic gold ~*

    Service has been temporary closed. We will inform You on below post about getting back.
  9. fake feedback / imposter made by Joelhxll

    Still wasn't removed. There was no trade between us. Feedback remove requested guys.
  10. fake feedback / imposter scam by wowaccountbuyer92:

    Hello, he made a negative feedback woth no trade/ conversation between us. Please delete it.
  11. fake feedback made by Spaek imposter maybe:

    there was no trade or conversation between GRANITE-ARMORY and Spaek. He proly dealt with imposter.
  12. fake feedback / imposter made by Joelhxll

    fake feedback / imposter made by Joelhxll Hello, we wasn't made any trade / wasn't talking on chat / epicNPC. Please, remove fake feedback.
  13. Mezzcal accidental -1 feedback request removal or change to possitive:

    According our trade chat, our gold bank has been banned by blizzard (visible on chat). Buyer made accidental false -1 feedback following what mezzcal (buyer) told on chat. Buyer found, that he was scammed probably one of imposters earlier (visible on chat). Buyer requested a full refund and told...
  14. Mezzcal accidental -1 feedback request removal or change to possitive:

    https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/change-feedback-please.1930419/ https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/mez...hen-asked-to-change-into-1-or-delete.1931994/ If a dispute is opened and resolved, the negative feedback will be changed to neutral and the comment will be updated to reflect the issue has...
  15. Mezzcal made accidentally -1 feedback, then asked to change into +1 or delete:

    Dear epicNPC staff! Mezzcal accidentally proceeded -1 feedback, then asked moderator and opened dispute to remove the feedback or change to possitive. Here is a dispute: https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/change-feedback-please.1930419/ He asked Keynin moderator also to fix this issue: keynin...