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Recent content by fishsauce

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    7 year old account, 141k account value, 5 legendaries $300

    Do you have an api available? thx.
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    Selling Perma-Pre LDoA Account

    what is the HoM on this account?
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    Selling Quick, Professional, Reliable, and price matching boosting service (NA and EU)

    Ordered Skyscale service and 1000g. Got my Skyscale in one week and 1000g delivered. Good communication and trusted πŸ‘ Seller was briefly described what I needed and what not. He also updated the process via Skype daily. Would order more service from him. Thanks! 🀝
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    Buying  Looking for Skyscale unlocking services

    Looking for Skyscale unlocking services. Please send me a quote if you're intereseting. Thanks,
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    SOLD  GW2 with HoT + PoF Deluxe Edittion US Server

    I'm selling my GW2 account linked with GW1 that has 25/50 HoM. The account has two level 80 Thief and Ranger with Full Exotic Bersenker Armor, Weapon, Accessories. Both level 80 with 100% Tyria maps completion. Mount: Raptor, Jackal, Skimmer, Springer (starting the Griffon...) 2 Level 80 Boost...
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    Selling Original Owner| 15x Level 80| Raid Titles| Legendaries Weapopns,Armors|

    Hi, is this still available? Can you pm me the api? Thanks.
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    SOLD Gw2 Account 9.3k.ap/64K.gold/2leg/7toons

    Hi, can you send api? Thanks