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  1. "Closed" prefix added

    This feature request asked to make it easer for members to see "closed" threads on the thread list page. We show an lock icon already, but it's small and on the right side, so we added the "Closed" prefix for this reason. Inside the thread, the reply box is gone and it shows closed, so we I...
  2. "Closed" prefix added

    The "closed" prefix appears on the thread list page. If you have the thread open, it will still show the original prefix. can you confirm that's what happens?
  3. "Closed" prefix added

    I can't replicate. I logged into a mod's account and used the ... "Close thread" option and it worked. I then used the moderator menu and used the "lock thread" option and that also worked. what option are you using?
  4. 230$ Discord Account was taken back - dispute against @kxe & possibly @mabbney

    mabbney sells account to KXE $475 --- false advertising mabbney says he's OO when he's not KXE sells account to Virtue. $230 --- account appears to have been stolen and was recovered or returned to the OO KXE paid via bitcoin so there are no options to dispute the payment. I think the best...
  5. 230$ Discord Account was taken back - dispute against @kxe & possibly @mabbney

    Mabbney has been banned until a full refund is issued. @kxe can you please post a screenshot of the payment you sent to mabbney. Please make sure all of mabbney's info is visible in the image. Virtue. I issued you a refund for the MM fee. scammers info: mabbney [email protected] mabbney#0420...
  6. 230$ Discord Account was taken back - dispute against @kxe & possibly @mabbney

    You stated you are the original owner in your sale thread False advertising = immediate loss in any dispute. @mabbney you must issue a full refund to kxe, then he'll refund Virtue. mabbney you must still provide the video as well or a ban will be issued tomorrow.
  7. "Closed" prefix added

    To make it more easily visible, we've added a "Closed" prefix for threads that are closed/locked. To use this prefix click ... in the top right of your thread and select "close thread".
  8. Scammed by Swic Boosts

    I'm sorry, we do not investigate Discord disputes. Please contact Discord support. This is posted on every single page of our site. There is no one here with the email [email protected] and the Paypal account was already deleted. Swic Boosts was banned for multiple fake feedback and...
  9. 230$ Discord Account was taken back - dispute against @kxe & possibly @mabbney

    [Hidden content] @mabbney a video of the following is required. If anything is missing you will be permanently banned in 24 hrs. 1) Chat logs between and the seller from OGO showing who you purchased it from 2) Proof of payment. Video must show the payment information in the chat logs and...
  10. Username Change Help

    Sorry, Edgy is not available.
  11. Credits didn't add after purchase

    I apologize. I see both payments, but I'm not sure why the 2nd one didn't work. I see the payment was accepted and don't see any problems. We'll have to investigate this issue. I manually added the remaining 375 credits to your account.
  12. Error when trying to pay

    We do not allow multiple accounts. Your account has been closed.
  13. Can I get a middleman who can help me on my transaction?

    I apologize. I see the transaction was created late last night and cancelled a few hours alter. Sometimes over the weekend and depending on the time of day, not as many MM are available. Sorry.
  14. Subforums Categories Redesigned

    The main parent category, in this case "Genshin Impact NA Accounts", always shows in the top navigation tree. Forum > Mobile - Iphone, Ipad, Android Gaming > Genshin Impact NA Accounts Since the main parent is always there, we are no longer listing it a 2nd time in the other navigation area...
  15. Transaction waiting for a Middleman

    When you invite a MM, no other MM can claim it. You should only invite a MM if you have spoken to them and they're ready to start. I recommend cancelling the invite so any MM can join.