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  1. EpicNPC CM

    Genshin Impact Scammed by buyer: zenoborg

  2. EpicNPC CM

    buyer backed out and then resold acct

    Banned FPXStan [email protected] [email protected] Elmasca Elquequieresersonico [email protected] Flat3rik [email protected] MasterRace34 [email protected] Sadd3789 [email protected] Satanasao [email protected] SonicWanabee Sonicwanabeee...
  3. EpicNPC CM

    Account banned after purchase of Silver from Lmaqola

    After reviewing the seller's method via video and consulting with other Albion sellers, I believe it is a safe method. When a method is considered "safe" the risk falls completely on the buyer, as there always is a chance of an account being banned for 3rd party transactions, no matter the...
  4. EpicNPC CM

    Fake Feedback/Imposter made by KaiKai8991

    I'm sorry but based on our discord rules feedback will have to be removed.
  5. EpicNPC CM

    False feedback

    @Daniel1997 notified
  6. EpicNPC CM

    False feedback

  7. EpicNPC CM

    These feedback is false

    Unless you can prove that you never talked to them it cannot be removed Feedback Removal/Change Rules If a dispute is opened and resolved, the negative feedback will be changed to neutral and the comment will be updated to reflect the issue has been resolved. Feedback based on rudeness or...
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    @iTzFTWxD notified
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  10. EpicNPC CM

    BDO Account recovered.

    Sorry, but you're responsible for what you sell here. You must contact the owner to get them to recover the account for you or issue a refund. Failure to do so will result in ban.
  11. EpicNPC CM


    Update if you come to a resolution
  12. EpicNPC CM

    Druguru Scamming

    @Druguru notified
  13. EpicNPC CM

    Kxrmit scamming Toontown Rewritten

    Online failed to reply banned [email protected] Kxrmit
  14. EpicNPC CM

    GENSHIN SCAM by Varyl

    @Varyl notified