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Recent content by doomedtofail

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    Buying  Buying fresh 60 Alliance US toon with herb and/or mining maxed.

    Interested in a level 60 Alliance toon with max herbalism and/or mining. I have zero interest in gear progression. The only things I will consider when buying an account: Gametime? Professions? Gold? Mount speed. Server. I do not care about gear please do not add me to sell a geared toon...
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    Buying  Looking for gold/suppliers on Azuresong US Alliance

    Looking to buy gold on Azuresong US Pve Server on Alliance Side. Please contact me with price and stock. I only pay via paypal. If price is good I can do long term arrangements. Add on discord or pm me. Post and you will see my discord. Hidden content
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    Zadnik Account Recall

    If he closes dispute he cannot reopen it, so he won't. Can the original owner post here and offer help? Honestly just because he said he did not recall it does not mean he did not. They always say that. If Quick Garde cannot recover it the original owner would have to return it or recover it and...
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    Buying  Buying Gold Stormrage Alliance US

    Hello there! Looking for Gold on Stormrage Alliance US. Looking for bulk purchases. Willing to buy more over time, preferred but will buy one time sellers. Gold must be on Stormrage Alliance, I do not want to transfer your guild banks. You can transfer to this server and then sell to me, thats...
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    Selling  Wow BFA Leveling 110-120 $15 + Gearing/Prof

    US Mainland Gamer selling BFA Leveling + gearing services and Gathering Professions. This is all hand done via questing. This means reputations will have some progress. And some gold will be gathered in bags. 110-120 $15.00 Additionals: Gather Profession (Herbalism, Mining, Skinning) $5.00...
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    Buying  50k+ Gaming Channel English Only.

    Looking for USA preferred, English ONLY Gaming Channel. 50,000 Subscribers plus (may consider somewhat under if its quality account) The game content focused on is not so important as long as its a popular game or changeable. Must be original content, no copyright strikes. Monetizable/Monetized...
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    What markets haven't been ruined by bots?

    @Nekromantia they have the bot situation mostly figured out. There is still some but its nothing like past.
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    SOLD  NA Pve Mage 60 Female Mage 150g+ Epic Mount $300

    Account is full pre raid ready. Active Currently. 150+ Gold. Epic 100% Speed Mount Armory: https://sixtyupgrades.com/set/fvdAtd7ebqRfTBoTeYJqqp Note Some gear is in bank thats listed here. back +20 frost spd wrists +20 frost spd boots +29 frost spd Attunes: MC, Ony Professions: Engineering...
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    Scammer saying he is Logisticz and Virtua

    @zorlake theres nothing to revisit anyone asking you to use an official middleman offsite is an impersonator trying to scam you. If they do not contact you on site they are impersonator.
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    So i got scammed (chargebacked) and now paypal is sending me debt emails?

    If its not a real name they cannot collect on you. BUT they can ban all your accounts if you have a real one they can find it too. Via ip, location, hardware id, etc.
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    False feedback

    Hes banned for scamming @EpicNPC CM
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    Renegade Raider Raider's Revenge, Tryhard Skins,Mako+more |Cheap|Full Access

    While sketchy it is not against any rules and not bannable.
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    Renegade Raider Raider's Revenge, Tryhard Skins,Mako+more |Cheap|Full Access

    Report him for what? While its suggested to use a middleman, its not required.