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Recent content by doomedtofail

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    Wizard 101 account the account got banned

    Do you have the ban reason? That will help the moderators here make a decision. Should have gotten an email. Does wizard 101 ban during account recoveries like some games?
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    Imposter Alert doomedtofail#2387, DoomedToFail#6418, doomtofail#1881 discord.

    Updated with additional discord impersonator
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    SCAM - Do not use SKRILL

    I used to use them and they would lock the same payment for 24 hours at a time for "security reasons" and every time I would resend same thing would happen and they would not know why and would not fix it. Okay no problem. this went on for weeks and there was no figuriing it out just wait and...
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    Channel monetized not egible

    Was it monetized to your adsense, then they added their account and it demonetized? Were any videos deleted prior to reapplying for monetization with new adsense? they seem to be more strict when adsense accounts are changed.
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    Lianthor is fraud

    Are you sure lianthor is the user here? If hes inpersonating rmik its very easy to impersonate some else.
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    Selling Instagram HQ Followers | Likes | Views | Commets | - smmtube.pro - |

    Very poor quality, does not stand by service, refilled some lost followers on order not even full count. orders 47887 48264 Okay first order was beyond 30 days, no problem. refill was only done for partial amount of second order and they all fell off quickly too.
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    Neverwinter Account purchased via Trade Guardian banned within 3 hours of play

    You are post sensitive account information please use pm's or hide tags, you have listed emails on account and now names needed for recovery. If never winter looked into it they could see this was sold 100% with a simple search.
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    What do you think of Payoneer?

    If they refund it they cannot lose money. And I am sure thats why many buyers want you to use it. Because they know if theres a problem they can get their money back. And the scammers know they can get their money back and thats 95% of people using these payment methods. Theres been a few...
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    Impersonators going wild

    Offsite communication is so much easier since you can use with your phone and not have to have your browser open to epicnpc. thats why I have started making people pm here before i will talk to them on discord. frankly don't want your business if you are not on here. anytime i do business with...
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    Shamyang#9508 is a Scammer

    This user changed his discord name to Betadine#9508 I am relatively sure like I said in other dispute this user has been offline for 3 years I do not know if it is even Shamyang only connection was display name.
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    Shamyang#9508 Scammer

    User contacted me on discord to purchase something. Never posted and wanted to purchase with out making an offer or negotiating seemed off usually clear sign of being scammed, but when I looked into who he was I noticed that the account has not been logged into since 2017.
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    May have been scammed by a fake MM?

    Yes also veteran users like Austin Powers, me or Adoxia or anyone else with high rep/status here will contact you onsite to prove we are talking to you. Anyone on discord who has there own middleman for a transaction is scamming you.
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    May have been scammed by a fake MM?

    You were not talking to austin powers on discord at all. Please right click user name on discord and post what the profile says the actual discord is. I have known him for ALOT of years and he would not be middlemanning for you on discord.