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Recent content by CoppafeelxMMO

  1. CoppafeelxMMO

    Selling  482 Druid | mage towers all specs | 11 Cutting Edge!!! | 12/12m | 2.5io

    Looking to sell this beast. Please no lowball offers. Accepting paypal FnF ONLY. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - 481 equipped Boomkin set - Feral off-set - 12/12m Nya - 11 Cutting Edge achievements !!!!! (most are unobtainable) - 11k Achieves - 3/4...
  2. CoppafeelxMMO

    SOLD  483 Priest | 2.9k IO | 12k+ Achieves | 12/12m Multi CE | Store Mounts | SL Pre

    https://safe-armory.com/5ef92065b504b/character 2+ months of Game Time Shadow: 55%+ CRIT stacked gear w/ Corruption Holy and Disc: FULL gear with so many corruption combos including near 100% ineffable truth. MULTI Cutting Edge!!!! 12/12m Nya 2.9k S4 Raider IO! Contact me at my discord...
  3. CoppafeelxMMO

    SOLD  483 BM/WW Monk! 4k+ io! 12/12m multi C.E.

    https://safe-armory.com/5ef4b8c040b4f/character Title says it all ALL MAGE TOWERS WW set is beast x2 raden mythic weapons. BIS azurite for WW and BM! One of the Top Ranked M+ Tank in the US!!!!! Shadowlands purchased! $850.00
  4. CoppafeelxMMO

    SOLD Sold

  5. CoppafeelxMMO

    Scammed by a user pretending to be CoppafeelxMMO

    https://gyazo.com/55e5578f87699ecd313fc02407c334ce This is just the first page in my inbox, of people asking me if they were talking to me on discord using that store discord name. I have been able to message most everyone quick enough warning them of the scammer, and they did NOT buy from that...
  6. CoppafeelxMMO

    SOLD  476 Priest - Mythic TOS xmog! 130% ineffible truth!

    https://safe-armory.com/5eea1a34d2693/character Has nearly all store mounts and pets. Shadowlands Epic Edition 2300 S4 raider.io score 130% ineffible truth! Tons of other corruptions Viable Shadow gear! 2 months of gametime $450.00 buyout