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Recent content by Connie212325

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    Selling  Garden Of Salvation Raid Jacket Code. (Not the Jacket itself)

    You buy the exclusive code to unlock the purchase for the Garden of Salvation raid JACKET on bungiestore.com (price $150) How to: Go to bungiestore.com and select the Garden of Salvation raid jacket. Select your size and add to cart. Go to the checkout and enter the discount code you received...
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    Selling D2 with Forsaken + annual pass. 750 Titan + Revoker, Recluse and Last Word.

    Excellent buyer. User went first, fast and easy. Cheers
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    SOLD  Looking for budget PC account ($60) (Needs x3 char & Worldline. Thats it)

    I'm looking to buy a Destiny 2 account for $60. I may be able to do $150, but it's unlikely. I know I'm not paying much, but I still have have 2 requirements. Exotics: Worldline Zero is an absolute must. Do not care about anything else Characters: 1 of every class. (Exotics do not matter per...
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    SOLD {pc} $180 Destiny 2 account / 1x 750 hunter LL / warlock and titan 700 LL /

    I'd be interested in your account, does it still have the name change available (Free one that is). Also, I assume I would be paying fee for Middleman?
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    Selling PC Destiny 2 All 750 Characters Recluse & MT Full MW Solstice

    Ah, alright. Price for account 3 then?
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    SOLD Destiny 2 PC All 750 Solstice MT Recluse Pinnacle Exotics

    Is this account still available? What's your ballpark price?
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    Selling  Uplay Account [Multiple Games - Read Below] Looking to sell ASAP

    Hello. I am selling my Uplay account which has numerous games. Majority of which I've personally not played, however if you like them, they're there. Ubiosoft Level: 14 Ask for any other info. Please Note: All details of in-game haven't been checked in quite some time. I have only ever played...
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    Selling Nearly max TH9. Walls & Heroes are left.

    Now a fresh TH10, straight from maxed th9
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    Selling  k395, c24, full +5 retribution, 58m power. Gems/coats/cannon high tier (for24)

    Theres a **** ton of RSS in the bags, Ill prove imgur links below. All coat of arms (Minus one fencer) are r3+. I have the handbook unlocked for R4 Musketeer and Fencer. 7/8 of the Airship parts are Gold, all at +5 or higher. All guards have their basic weapon, and are level 20+. Has the...