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Recent content by Connie212325

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    Selling Selling two wizards

    Great Seller! Fast & Easy
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    BOUGHT Max level Storm (Multi-Char is also fine, will pay more depending on Chars)

    Can't seem to find you. would you mind adding me? ImJustRynn#0012
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    Selling Selling cool Wizarard101 accounts!

    Let me know when you have a Max level storm in stock, much appreciated.
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    BOUGHT  Max level Storm (Multi-Char is also fine, will pay more depending on Chars)

    Quick and easy, leave a reply with character details, if I'm interested I'll PM you, trade guardian only. Looking for a max level storm, doesnt need to have the best gear for 130, although it's appreciated.
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    SOLD Selling 4 Max Wiz, a Lv.120 Fire and a Lv.68 Death

    With no intention to salestrash this user, after roughly a day of negotiating and such, and buying the requested Steam giftcards, and paying MM fee, this user opted to back out of the deal saying "He was waiting for another user to pay a MM fee", and had brought up no mention of another possible...
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    Selling Selling Stacked Accounts

    Prices? For account 1 or account 2, interested in either.
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    Selling  x3 950+ 1x each class | Undying, Pinnacles, Rituals, Godroll Weapons.

    Basically 3 950-960 cahracters of each class, the current season pass is active, haven't touched the game much. Did the first mission with Osiris, nothing else this season. Some pinnacle and ritual weapons are done, Izanagi nearly has catalyst, needs 1 more chalice upgrade. account has wendigo...
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    Selling  Garden Of Salvation Raid Jacket Code. (Not the Jacket itself)

    You buy the exclusive code to unlock the purchase for the Garden of Salvation raid JACKET on bungiestore.com (price $150) How to: Go to bungiestore.com and select the Garden of Salvation raid jacket. Select your size and add to cart. Go to the checkout and enter the discount code you received...
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    Selling D2 with Forsaken + annual pass. 750 Titan + Revoker, Recluse and Last Word.

    Excellent buyer. User went first, fast and easy. Cheers