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Recent content by Avotic

  1. Selling ✨TBC Power Leveling|Reputation|GOLD|Gearing ✨

    Good communication. Always online and constantly fulfilling your order. Never bought powerleveling before Taurian82 did an amazing job was super respectful and responsive very happy and WILL order again.
  2. Selling Karazhan $4.5 | Mograine $1.7 | Windrunner $6 | Voltarus $2.5

    Great seller, quick and accommodating. Very great sale, bought 3k gold windrunner horde and i got it the delivered my preferred way in less than 10 minutes. don't hesitate to do business with this seller!
  3. 3.6k Fury Warrior/3.2k Prot

    500g Cold weather flying and 225 riding Good reputation just needs sons of hodir 3600 Gearscore Hit capped gemmed enchanted Looking for trade mostly no healer no tanks open to others even with less gear make cash offer at - live:ridethepriest on skype
  4. WTS/Warmane/Outland 3.1k GS 4/5 T5. T6 atttuned fire mage.

    lvl 70 Gnome Mage Fire/Frost 3k PvP gear S2 weapon S2 shoulders bunch of offset. 4/5 T5 gear with almost full T5 off pieces Champion of the Naaru/Hand of A'dal/BT attuned 280% Flying/Netherdrake/Shatari skyguard riding ray Shadow resistance and arcane resist gear. Eng goggles Max Eng/Max...
  5. Buying  WTB Elysium 40+ Warrior

    Hey guys looking to buy a warrior on Elysium, Pref Tauren with prot spec but i'm willing to take a nice warrior no matter the gear. Let me know what you got on skype and tell what price you're looking for, really want to play so don't be shy to offer up. Skype:Fresshhx
  6. Selling  2700 T5 Ready Holy priest! Cheap !!! Or for Trade!!!

    Hey guys i'm looking to trade my 2.7k holy priest for a horde 70 with some decent gear. Has exalted all reps 60%flying Enchanting Tailoring T4 Best in Slot 2.4k Shadow offspec with all badge pieces Message me on skype for more info or armory : Fresshhx looking to trade it for horde char...
  7. 2455 Human Prot Warrior ENG/Minig=ng

    Hey guys I have a 2455 Human prot warrior on the outland server Eng Goggles 60% flying Kara attuned. Great starter character willing to trade for another 70 with professions or sell cheap! Skype:fresshhx