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Recent content by Ariinsu

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    SOLD  [Global] Semi-fresh Exu/Eyja/Siege+2 account $15

    Semi-fresh Level 3 account, linked to Yostar account. Can provide full access to the email attached to the Yostar account. Has Exu, Eyja, and Siege+2. On stage 1-6. Has monthly pack activated. Paypal F&F only, $15USD. DM me here or on Ariinsu#9324 for more information.
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    Selling STARTER Silver + Exu + Ange

    Instant response, good service Thanks for selling
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    Selling  Semi-starter Rank 6 | Shin+Leena+Gorm+Robin+Doura | Both ships | 7 SSR arks

    Still very unfarmed and early in story (world map right after imperial city) so lots of gems to get. Only 2x 10 pulls were from farming, 3x 10 pulls were from the free gems included with buying ~$100 worth of gems, and starter SSR ark +10 pull package. SSR (gacha) characters: Shin Leena Gorm...
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    SOLD 6 Gacha Units, 7 SSR Arks, All SR + R Arks

    Instant response, good service Thanks for selling.
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    SOLD  $40 Semi-fresh Account | Leena+Dyne+Rose | Skyship+Pirate Ship+Dragon Treasure

    Will provide transfer code + password on purchase. SSR Gacha characters: Leena Dyne Blood Rose SSR Arks: Skyship Pirate Ship Dragon Treasure Price: $40USD PayPal F&F. MM ok. Message me here or on discord at Ariinsu#9324 if interested.
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    Selling SetsunaEpic.com⭐Last Cloudia Fresh Accounts | Randi/Kaito Robin & More

    Instant response, good service Thanks for selling.
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    Selling Last Cloudia Global Starter accounts with cheap price Update CollectionOfMana

    Instant response, good service Thanks for selling!
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    Global Fresh Account with Dyne + Shin + Skyship + Pirate Ship

    Instant response, good service Thanks for selling!
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    Selling Master3180's Display Case [Bronze-GM]

    Instant response, good service Really nice and trustworthy seller with good prices, ty for the sale :)
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    SOLD  Pink Mercy account

    Looking for account with Pink Mercy (budget around $100 or under), any rank & level. DM here or on discord Ariinsu#9324
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    SOLD Semi Starter All Prifest Chara with total 19 *3 // 20$

    Instant response, good service Thanks for selling
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    Selling cheap Rerolled accounts from last prefest

    Instant response, good service Thanks for the sale!
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    Buying  LF> CGSS with Awaited Person of Fate Ranko

    Looking to buy an account with Awaited Person of Fate Ranko. No real budget limit. PM me here with offers, or on my social media: Instagram: idolserenie Discord: Yuri#4484 Only buying with an MM.
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    Renegade Raider account

    Be careful - this guy is a scammer. They are trying to sell my account for $250 using my screenshots. https://www.epicnpc.com/threads/whale-bandori-jp-account.1456332/
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    bandori Jp account

    WARNING: SCAMMER ALERT Hi, I'm the current owner of that account. I will be reporting you for attempting to scam, cheers. ^^