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Recent content by Amenoia

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    Trading persona 5 skins, kroto. LF: offers

    I'll shoot my shot cause why not but my disc is π”½π•£π•’π•Ÿβ‚¬π•–π•€#9334 if you're interested ❀
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    Trading  UFT: White Truffle + 2 Persona 5 skins LF: Offers && Judge!

    ANDROID NA/EU NO ASIA NO IOS Hello I got this account recently and I am actually in love with it so I may not trade unless I get offered something I really want! I'm really looking for Judge, Sophia or ToN! Those three skins are a priority but I will take offers too! ^^ Insta is @Fushmifu...
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    Trading  TRADED

    Hello! I'm just wondering what kind of offers I could get for this account! Accounts sorta equal to mine are preferred! Skins that I am interested in: -Makoto/QUEEN (Awakened preferably!) -Futaba/ORACLE (Awakened preferably!) -Sophia -Tonight or Never (with accessory) -Dance in the Snow (with...
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    SOLD UFT Golden Ratio/ Desolate Sand LF offers

    Discord? I'd like to make an offer!
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    Trading NA/EU LF OFFERS

    Is the new feature thing true?..
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    Selling or trading my account! 1S and 15A and more!

    Dhuddjdj what's the S tier skin?
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    Trading  TRADED

    Posting this thread again! I'm really holding out for the said skin above but I will give any accounts a shot! No Asia tho please! Android and NA/EU only please! My Discord is π”½π•£π•’π•Ÿβ‚¬π•–π•€#9334 Insta is Fushmifu I'll provide my account info on those said medias! In game meets are a MUST!
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    Buying Buying account!!

    Yes! Message me on insta or disc and give me details!
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    Trading LF P5 skins / Kroto

    What's ur disc?
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    Trading LF P5 skins / Kroto

    I have an account with Kroto and Lady Truth!! I can give you more details and it's got around the same amount of skins!
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    Trading NA/EU Android Lf Offers

    Could you send ss on discord? ^^
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    Trading NA/EU Android Lf Offers

    Discord? : D
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    Aww if you were Android I'd lend you my spare for a little bit until you can figure out another way to get it back or to get another account!