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Recent content by AdamsOGs

  1. Selling farmed accounts with 8000-8100 ds´s very cheap - only 12€

    Excellent Fast and friendly, price are amazing . 100% recommended
  2. SOLD Cheap!! 5 Super Sugo+190Gems= 26$Usd

    100% recommended Very friendly, fast and amazing price. 100% recommended
  3. SOLD yamato + ulti&page one + sasaki + black maria + whos who

    100% recommended Very fast and friendly, helped me in all the process for the account transfer. 100% recommended
  4. SOLD starter summer aqua,summer melissa,summer darkness,th melissa,mitsurugi unlink

    Very friendly, best price He's very friendly, patience and has the best account ! 100% recommended
  5. Selling 💎Android GLB - Fresh PKM Ex - 235k + 💎 20$ Feb2022

    fast and friendly as always! 100% recommended
  6. SOLD 🔥Unlinked EU Servers All Mighty for days Android / Ios fresh🔥

    this guy is amazing Patience and very professional. He explained everything was needed. 100% recommended ill buy again for sure
  7. SOLD End of selling this game

    Perfect Amazing account for an amazing price. 100% recommended. Fast, friendly and professional
  8. SOLD Starter Artamiel. Login Guest. Just $5

    fast and friendly ! 100% recommended, friendly and super fast 10/10 !
  9. SOLD (Global) super rare starter laharl+girl laharl fresh

    really amazing Very friendly, fast and kind . 100% recommended
  10. Selling Unlinked Starter Account 4 - 10 4Stars Lahard Valva & Desko✅ New Year Rozalin

    awesome very fast, very friendly. 100% recommended
  11. Selling [Gobal] All kinds of 4x3* Combos 3$, 3x3* combos 2$

    10/10 Fast communication , fast seller. Amazing
  12. Selling [EU] Genshin Impact accounts store | Good prices | Update 03.01

    100% recommended Fast and legit 10/10 i will be buying again <3
  13. SOLD Milk,herb,espresso,sparkling,chili map 2-1 gems 4590 unlink

    Awesome friend Always a pleasure buying from him. 100% recommended i will buy again for sure <3