• All Trade Guardian services are on Epicnpc, NEVER off-site, via email or on Discord. We do not investigate ANY off-site disputes, only if Trade Guardian is used. Official EpicNPC Discord
  • Middleman Services with Trade Guardian

    Start a middleman transaction here:
    Start Middleman Transaction

    How does it work?
    All middleman transaction are made through Trade Guardian.

    • MM will hold the item or account until payment is made.
    • Buyer pays the seller directly using any payment methods they choose.
    • After payment is confirmed, the MM will give the item/account to the buyer.
    • MM are verified, long term EpicNPC members who have outstanding reputations.

    Middleman Reviews

    More infomation about Trade Guardian.

Middleman Services

Looking for a middleman to help you with your transaction? This is the place to look.

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